We only have so much energy to draw upon.

It’s a small thing, but I’ve decided to take the time and Unsubscribe from the slew of junk email that I get. Not the spam stuff like Viagra ads with the subject lines misspelled- that gets filtered and bulk deleted. But the junk email that actually hits my inbox. Coupons from various stores that I do shop in, newsletters that I signed up for and don’t read, stuff like that.

I can’t just bulk delete my inbox, and it is taking too much time to individually delete these things every time they come in (and that is often!). Especially since they hit my Blackberry, too.

I’m hoping that by taking a little time to unsubscribe as they arrive, I’ll save lots of time later. I’ve experienced this with some other areas of my life, finances being one of them, and I’m truly amazed at the stress relief it provides. I suppose all those little “delete” moments were adding up to a chunk of stress. Call it “daily nonsense stress”.

Like saving pennies, little bits of energy add up.