In my office I have a growing collection of quotes on colorful post-its stuck to my cabinet. They are all items that, after I read them, I just had to immediately write them down for fear of forgetting them. They made my heart light up, a feeling of connection I’ve come to recognize as significant. Here are some of them (I don’t always remember to write down the author. I know, bad me. I apologize to whomever I’ve missed).

It’s not simply that we’re in the Universe… the Universe is in us.   Neil deGrasse Tyson

Disorganization, stress and chaos often come from trying to control what you can’t, and not controlling what you can. Conflict results.   Monica Ricci

What determines success in life? Action.

Be FOR something rather than AGAINST something. FOR = affirmative change and positive energy.

Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? What do you contribute?   Seth Godin

What the mind expects, it finds.

Have an impact!

EXCELLENCE always!   Tom Peters

Begin with the end in mind.   Stephen Covey

Remember! Remember! Remember! Your life’s trajectory will be determined almost entirely by events which, by definition, cannot be planned for. Act accordingly. Whatever that means.   Tom Peters