We are all perfect as we are. You’ve heard that before and didn’t buy it, right? But have you ever really thought about it?

Your body and brain are perfect for how you use them now.  Think about your body. How do you use it? Do you sit at a desk all day, or do you teach aerobics? A truck driver’s muscles are ready to help him sit all day. A cashier’s legs have gotten strong to keep him on his feet. A marathoner has built up her heart and lungs for extreme endurance. Your brain works the same way: the neural connections you use get stronger, and the ones you don’t use get weak. Can the average person do calculus in their head? Probably not. But you can make change for a dollar and balance your checkbook (well, most of us can. I’m definitely not perfect in that regard!).

You are absolutely perfect right now for what you need your body and brain to do in your reality. So what do you do if you’re not happy with your current perfection? Change your reality.

Lets say you’re a couch potato, but you’re inspired to run a marathon. You’re not going to go run that marathon the next day, you’re going to begin a dedicated, well-designed training schedule. On day one, your body is perfect for being a couch potato. Two months into training, your body still isn’t ready to marathon, but might be perfect to run three miles. Four months later, perhaps you can run 8 miles, and eventually you will finish that marathon with your perfect runner’s body. You’ve changed your reality by starting with a goal and sticking to a plan. By changing your reality, you’ve changed what you’re body and mind are perfect for.

Try redefining what “perfect” means. Instead of  holding it up as some golden state that you think you’ll never get to, stop judging yourself and accept yourself for how you are right this very minute – warts and all. Because we are all perfect, and will always be perfect,  for where we are on our path.

What are you perfect for now? What do you want to be perfect for, and how will you get there?