There are lots of people living in your head.

Don’t believe me? Try turning off the radio in the car and listen to all the people chattering in there! Lets see who is my head right now: Well, there’s good ‘ol Ego, always worried about me-me-me. Intellect is yapping away, always thinking she’s so smart. The Basher is in there, but she’s no fun – telling me I’m fat, lazy, and stupid. Rude and obnoxious BossLady can’t understand why everyone wants it their way instead of my way, while Ms. Confident knows that whatever we attempt will work out just fine. Those are a few of the people in my head; I guarantee you have your various personality traits chattering away in yours.

When you really stop to listen, there is more talk happening up there than in prime time on Fox. Some voices shout, some whisper. Some are helpful, like Ms. Confident, while others are definitely destructive like The Basher whose specialty is self-inflicted mental violence. And, unfortunately, because they’re all living in our head, we believe they are all speaking the truth. It doesn’t make life easier when The Basher is the loudest voice and we believe every word.

Here is the challenge: For a week, listen to what is going on up there. Whenever you are in a quiet place – the car, a waiting room, late in the evening when the kids are in bed – pay attention to what is said. Do you hear positive thoughts or negative ones? Sounds of contentment, or voices of discontent? Why?