I’m a fan of the NPR show Talk of the Nation, so I’m sorry I missed the broadcast that KelliePieBird and Tomatobaby wrote about in their blogs last week. As a summary, here is what Tomatobaby wrote:

“I caught a portion of Rebecca Roberts segment Talk of the Nation where she was interviewing Larry Smith, founding editor, and Rachel Fershieiser, memoir editor, of Smith Magazine.  Smith Magazine challenged readers to condense their life stories using exactly six words.  Based on a notion of Ernest Hemingway being challenged with the same, Hemingway wrote: For Sale: baby shoes never worn.  A six-word memoir!”

Hmm, this got me thinking. No fan of labels, I could easily come up with a list of 50 for myself in five minutes. We label ourselves with the identities and traits we like, avoiding those we don’t. Other people judge us as they view us through their own labels! We all do this, it’s one of the things you realize as you listen to your mental chatter. I suppose labels on their own aren’t bad, it’s the attachment to them and value we give them where things get messy. I mean, I’m more complex than a bunch of words, especially when those words may not be accurate, useful or healthy. But… I’ll save this for another post.

Describe myself in six words? How about: Minding the path, enjoying the ride.

What about you? Can you describe yourself in six words? Leave a comment and share!