I recently read a post by Grey Ang called Making Your Weakness Your Partner, and Dance With It that struck me. The title alone stopped me in my tracks, and it’s a wonderfully written post. Melissa, who writes at Sugar Filled Emotions has also picked up on Grey’s post, you should read her take on it as well. Click here for Melissa’s post.

In his post, Grey writes about Aimee Mullins, a girl who was born with a medical condition that required her to have both her legs amputated, yet she went on to break world records at the Olympics – the “regular” Olympics, competing against athletes who had their limbs. Aimee says:

“It is not so much about overcoming adversity as it is opening ourselves to it, embracing it. Grappling with it. Maybe even dancing with it. Perhaps as we see adversity as something natural, consistent and useful, we’re less burdened by the presence of it.”

It got me to thinking about our weaknesses. If we try to hide them from others, avoid them, deny them, we’re really not living the fullest life we can. Our weaknesses are a part of us, whether we care to acknowledge that or not. I’m trying to live my life as a whole human being and I am certainly not perfect. My weaknesses are a part of me and while nobody says I have to announce them on a billboard, I do have to accept myself for who I am in this moment.

What I know about our weaknesses is that not only can we embrace them, we can turn them into strengths. The key is our resources. There is usually a resource out there, often one you already have but might not realize, that you can embrace as you begin to turn a weakness into a strength. Mentors, friends, schools, books, the internet, and even our own inner strength and resolve – all of these things can be leaned upon like a crutch until we overcome the fear and gain the knowledge we need.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Knowledge is the antidote to fear.” Many of our weaknesses begin with fear. Sometimes we can figure out the root cause of that fear, sometimes we can’t. I don’t think we always need to. We need the desire, the guts, the will to jump in and face what we need to change. Our resources give us a boost – sometimes a push – to help us face the scary change monster, embrace ourselves fully, and create a strength where a weakness once lived.