Vanessa from Optimal Optimist was inspired to write a list of the simple things she enjoys after reading a similar article that listed 101 of that author’s simple things. You can read Vanessa’s post here, and you’ll find a link to the original article at the end.

I thought it was pretty interesting that while there are certain items that tend to be on everyone’s “love the little things” lists – like laughing babies and sunshine – there are other things that I have never noticed or would have thought of. Of course, I’m sure there are things I appreciate that others don’t see as a big deal at all. That inspired me to jot down a few of my favorite things.

Read Vanessa’s blog, and then let me know what’s on your list. Like the famous song from “The Sound of Music“, what are a few of your favorite things? Here are some of mine:

  1. Long hugs from my two favorite guys, and nuzzles from my dog.
  2. Walking out the door on a cool March morning and smelling the first slightly acidic whiff of defrosting earth.
  3. The color of bright spring leaves against a backdrop of fantastically blue sky.
  4. Little kids (around age 4) talking about anything.
  5. The taste of dark chocolate with raspberry.
  6. Writing on the very first sheet of a brand-new notebook.
  7. Pens that glide and doodle perfectly. (Uni-Ball Vision, I adore you!)
  8. The feeling of total comfort and relaxation that you can only get at home or at a dear friend’s home.
  9. That rubber band feeling after a great yoga class.
  10. Climbing into my super-comfy bed with freshly changed sheets. Aaaahhhhhhhhh.
  11. Plopping down on a lazy Sunday with a big stack of newspapers and nothing else to do.