From Tom Peter’s website today:

The Awesome Act of Attention

“To be in the present with someone is a gift. The gift of attention is perhaps the most precious and envied of all….

“Think of someone who, while you are talking to him, is looking elsewhere, mentioning a subject that is irrelevant to what you are saying. Inattention has a disruptive, depressing aspect, which saps our vitality and robs us of our self-confidence.”
From: The Power of Kindness, by Piero Ferrucci.

Message: Pay attention to the way you pay attention today/this week.
Consider: “Paying attention” is “the most precious gift.”
Follow-up: Talk explicitly about the act of and power of paying attention. It is not only a “gift,” but it is a “tool” that pays enormous practical dividends.

Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness! If you can remember only one thing, if you can focus on only one self-help nugget at a time: be mindful of every minute of every day. It’s hard, especially at the beginning, but the results are extraordinary. Time itself slows down, which is a wonderful feeling.