You never know what you’ll run into when you’re browsing the blogosphere. Sometimes a post will jump out at you and force you to re-evaluate the way you think about something.

Melissa at Sugar Filled Emotions wrote about what her daughter has or will eventually inherit from her. And it made me stop and think because while I see certain physical, emotional, and personality traits in my son, I’ve never thought of them as an inheritance. I suppose I fall prey to the societal definition of an inheritance having to do with material things. I really do like the concept of looking at an inheritance from a different angle. I suggest you read Melissa’s post, you can follow this link.

Since he was very small, people have commented that my son is a pretty even blend of both mine and my husband’s physical characteristics. He has my nonexistent chin and full lips, and his father’s blue eyes and straight nose. People still comment to this day about his beautiful, long eyelashes. He didn’t get those from either of his parents, so perhaps he’s a little piece of someone else’s legacy, too.

While my husband and I can equally claim our son’s sense of humor, compassion, and artistic talents, he gets all his musical ability from his Dad and I’m very grateful that particular gene made it to his chromosomes. Some of the not-so-great tendencies he’s gotten from me include stubbornness, shyness, and the ability to scream louder than a jet engine. As I work on these things in myself, I try to show him what I’ve learned in the hopes that he’ll internalize the lessons at an earlier age than me.

In fact, teaching our kids how to handle life’s ups and downs is the most important thing we can leave with them. I hope that as he grows to adulthood, my son creates a strong support network of friends and mentors, an inquisitiveness that will lead him down interesting paths, moral and ethical fortitude, and a desire to selflessly serve whenever need be. That would be a fine legacy.