As I walked out of work the other day, my senses lit up. I felt the warmth on my skin, looked ahead to bright green trees against beautiful blue skies, heard dozens of birds chattering in a tree, and I took a deep, warming breath into my lungs.

It occurred to me… is it easier to be happy (or content!) in the warm months, as compared to colder months?

Speaking solely for myself, I like warm months better. It seems there is so much more to experience: more colors, more sounds, more smells. I feel surrounded by positive energy and aliveness (yes, I make up my own words- deal with it). Ironically, I really don’t like heat; I can’t stand that sticky humidity feeling.

Not to disparage the cold half of the year! Winter is interesting… I like to examine the structures of the trees, or how the world becomes monochromatic during a snowstorm. A bracing inhale of frosty air can be invigorating! But the cold makes my shoulders feel like they are trying to curl into my chest, my skin dries out, and getting around town in the slush and wet quickly drains my energy.

How about you? Do you enjoy feeling the sun’s embrace? Or does a cold shiver up your spine wake you up?