The first key to changing your life is to recognize what is going on in the first place. Noticing how you react and why to whatever is happening in your life. Even if you can’t get to the why, if you can start to catch yourself just before you act, you can choose another action.

This is from today’s Daily Dharma from Tricycle Magazine:

The Importance of Clarity
Seeing our moment-to-moment automatic conditioned reactions is crucial. Without that we will just continue the mess we are creating in our world, in our loveless relationships. Without clarity, the self-pitying or self-aggrandizing soliloquy takes up all the space; then there is just this little stage for the actor, the victim, the hero, the star. If that isn’t seen, self-pitying and self-promoting proceeds and makes oneself and others miserable.

-Toni Packer, “The End of the Story” (Summer 1996)