So I talk to myself. Often. Out loud. I rarely worry about what strangers around me think, and my friends don’t mind – or at least seem to tolerate – my nuttiness.

I find talking to myself calms me down when things get chaotic, and it helps me bring some organization to the situation even if it’s just in my head (perception is reality, you know). Doing it out loud definitely works better than doing it silently; I have no idea why nor do I care. I just go with it.

According to this website, talking to yourself is a sign of self-awareness but you have to be careful what you’re saying to yourself. I wrote about that a bit in this post. Don’t listen to the mean voices in your head – tell them to just shut the hell up, then go sit quietly and listen for the voice of your Self.

I’m not talking about that kind of self-talk. I just talk to myself in general, about everything and nothing. About getting the work on my desk organized, or the way I wish a conversation will go, or what I’m going to make for dinner.

Here’s a tip: if you wear your Bluetooth earpiece, you just look like you’re on the phone, so it’s even easier to not look insane.