My backyard

It’s a funny feeling when one recognizes that things are balanced.

I know what it feels like to be at the peak of the mountain, and in the valley far below. While I suppose most folks are happy at the peak, I’m wary because I know that won’t last and I’ll soon be sliding down (hopefully not too far). When in the valley at least I can be hopeful that I’ll be climbing out soon enough. One only slides as low as the highest peak, and I’m fortunate that my swings aren’t too dizzying.

But lately… things just feel good. Almost too good, like… afraid to talk about it goodness. I don’t want to jinx myself. I think  I’m in a balanced place and can actually feel it. Instead of rushing past it, I’m kind of simmering in it;  I’m enjoying the feeling of contentment mixed with the curiosity of what will come next.