Drawing on a wide array of resources, teachers, self-study, friends, family, arguments, light-bulb moments, and tush-clinching realizations, I have discovered what many before me already knew: life is completely made up of many small choices. Some choices we make for ourselves, while sometimes we give this privilege to others. Everything in our reality filters through the crap in our can’t-sit-still monkey minds. There are myriad ways of getting the crap out of your head: figuring out what’s in there is the tough part.

When I started seeing positive results in my life, there came a powerful desire to share with others. Through the little bit of newly found clarity, I can see others making some of the poor decisions I’ve made and I want to help them. It is my hope that I can inspire someone to make one small change, let go of one judgment, adjust one preconceived idea, and see where it takes them.

Please read this post and this post if you’d like to understand a bit more about me and how I named this blog.